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The purpose of this site is to inform about a coherent truth. Many people proclaim a true statement but is it a coherent truthful statement?

Following the truth is always a hard subject because truth always dismantles imperfection and uncovers humanity imperfect state. Truth always seem intolerable because it is harsh when uncovers imperfect flaws. These flows are always an attack on humanity’s ego which results most of the time in defensive fight or flight response.

Most of the time, uncovering truth could obliterate our twisted perception of reality. It always re-frames the human perception of a sub-reality. Truth sheds a light into our egocentric behavior to uncover a reality never expected to be.

Although the search of truth is the main objective for this site, the matter is that nothing should be run on truth alone. A balance of life always is required in order to have a well balance perception. Love is the balance that make truth always enjoyable. Only then, one achieves the real purpose in what life is all about.

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