1 Prevention

  • Social Distancing
    • I) COVID19 is a large volume virus. When the Virus travels in the air, it does not travel far because gravity pulls the virus down. 
    • II) Approximately travels 4 feet when someone coughs or sneezes. Therefore, 6 feet of distance is a priority.
  • Washing your hands
    • I) The body’s skin is designed to protect from external hazards like viruses and bacteria. It is acidic in nature.
    • II) Mouth, Eyes and nose are the only surfaces not protected and immune to external attacks by virus and bacteria. Therefore, do not touch your face to avoid bringing the virus closer to these points of entry. Humans automatically bring their hands to the face approximately 23 times per hour.
    • III) Soap is made out of chemicals that destroy fatty substances. The virus structure is made out of fatty molecules. Therefore, the reason behind washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds is to destroy the outer layer of the virus.

2 Increase energy

  • Metabolism produces energy
  • Healthy humans have high energy levels. Unhealthy humans have low energy levels. This is the reason why unhealthy humans have illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, cancer, insomnia, high blood pressure, hypertension, etc. which are all linked to low energy levels.
  • The immune system is built to protect. The immune system is unable to protect when the energy levels are not available.
  • Water increases energy. The amount of water required to consume is calculated by the body weight divided by 16. 
    • Ex: 180 Lbs /16 = 11.25 cups of water.
  • Production of Vitamin D. The production of vitamin d is triggered by the sunlight. Expose the body to the sunlight for at least 10 minutes daily.
  • Proper diet. Diet 3×1 indicates that there should be one glucose (fat included) food item and three “A” graded food items in your plate. A poor diet slows the immune system functionality by 32%. Green vegetables are the ultimate source of energy.

3 Nervous System passive mode activation 

  • The nervous system active mode reduces energy, increases illnesses, decreases immune system and increases the risk of body dysfunctionality. 
  • The system requires high oxygen levels. Deep breathing helps the intake of oxygen into the body. This helps the nervous system to become passive.
  • The body requires the sunlight in order to trigger the passive mode.
  • The body requires natural potassium and magnesium in order for the system to function correctly.
  • The trigger to know when the system became inactive is by the act of yawning.