Statistics has the characteristics of simple and complex processes. One simple and complex theory is Open Theism.

Open Theism

In short, open theism says that since God and humans are free, God’s knowledge is dynamic and God’s providence flexible. While several versions of traditional theism picture God’s knowledge of the future as a singular, fixed trajectory, open theism sees it as a plurality of branching possibilities, with some possibilities becoming settled as time moves forward.

Source: Wikipedia

Life is full of choices. Every choice has an effect. Life resembles a GPS. Going from point a to point B, the GPS gives the best route possible for the destination. But what if you took the wrong turn? The GPS automatically would reset to the best possible path. The new path might take longer but eventually you will end up at the same destination. That is exactly what happens on open theology. Imagine a bracket for any outcome. It would look like two paths opening to “yes” and “no” answers.

The right choice gets you a little closer to your destiny while bad choices slow you down and reroute to a longer and sometime painful path.

Does this mean that God is not omniscient? Obviously, no. It is actually the opposite. Instead of God being in only one path, he is in every possible path. Open to the free will choice. God has foreseen every possible path and the outcomes. While a person picks the wrong path, God is already waiting on the next two possibilities with different plans for each choice.

Is predestination out the window? Rather than throwing the predestination to the trash, let’s look at this model. Every possible bracket inside the highway of life. All those GPS choices inside a big pipe. it resembles a coaxial cable.

Life is full choices. With every choice, there is cause and effects. Missing the mark (sin) keeps each human away from what God intended for each of us. But the Good News is that God saved us and is giving us opportunities to choose Him. Give God a chance and I warranty 100% He will change your life and help you make the right choices.

Matthew 6:10

Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.