When I was a small child, I played a game called telephone. The purpose of the game was to carry the word from the first child to the last one while whispering the word in the ear. The rate of success to accomplish the task and having the correct word recited by the last child was astronomical minute.

While the first word was peas, the recited word at the end of the line could be something like fleas.
The point here is that as distance increases and time goes by in an imperfect world (Second Law of Thermodynamics), the rate of success diminishes and it becomes distorted.

In the same way, the historical arema suffers the same symptoms. The story of a supreme God which created everything was passed from generation to generation. People started at one origin and as they spread, the story of God became distorted due to distance and time. To make matters worse, the oral stories have no written counterpart. Until, the chosen people of Israel started writing what we know as the Bible. Written documents that could be passed from generation to generation without  changing the main core. But the people that spread across the globe, they had to rely on stories of a God who created everything and time starts to affect the story. Soon enough, people forgot the original story but still had the notion of God. But they could not recognize him that well. Very soon the name and foundation are unclear. People are separated from God due to sin and now due the telephone game of history effect.

The separation from God becomes a void and people need to fill that void. Soon the notion of God is transform into other gods and deities.

There are many gods these days used by religions but does not mean the true God does not exist. There is only one truth and multiple false paths. Truth is narrow because there can only be one true path and multiple false paths.

1 Timothy 2:5

For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus